Oct 18, 2014

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Houston, We Have a Problem.

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140042 10/18/2014 Houston, We Have a Problem.

John’s boralogue leads off today’s program by revealing the danger that free speech finds itself in today. He shows that the same people who espoused the right of free speech on campuses in the 1960s are the same people who are trying to quash the free speech rights of students at today’s colleges.

That will lead us to our first guest, Pastor Greg Young (www.pastorgregyoung.org), host of the radio show “Chosen Generations,” who discusses the decision of Houston’s mayor to subpoena any sermon notes or correspondences of local pastors who speak on the issue of homosexuality and the church.

We then close out our thread on the geopolitical relationship between Russia and China with Andrew Kuchins (csis.org/expert/andrew-c-kuchins), Director of the Russia and Eurasia Program at CSIS, who speaks about the recent gas deal between the two countries as well as the shift of the world’s economic balance of power to the East.

Back by popular demand, Michael Connelly (michaelconnelly.jigsy.com/), Constitutional attorney and Executive Director of the U.S. Justice Foundation, goes beyond the Bill of Rights to begin examining the rest of the Constitutional amendments. Today’s topic: Amendment numbers 11 and 12.

Finally, we will speak with Georges Houssney (www.engagingislam.org), Founder and Director of Horizons International and author of the book, “Engaging Islam.” He examines the history of Christian-Muslim relations, and how Christians are called to engage them in love and speak to them about Jesus.



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Oct 11, 2014

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Balance of Power in the Western Pacific: U.S. or China?

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140041 10/10/2014 Balance of Power in the Western Pacific: U.S. or China?

After a one-week hiatus, the boralogue is back! This week John explores the Catholic Church’s stance on many polarizing issues, how proponents on both sides of these issues are responding, and the delicate tightrope that Pope Francis is walking in a balance between position and relationship.

We then continue our thread on the geopolitical paradigm shifts occurring right now in Asia. Robert Haddick (www.socom.mil) is a special contractor with U.S. Special Operations Command and author of the new book, Fire on the Water. He joins us to discuss Chinese economic expansion and the increase in their military capabilities.

Next we pick up the issue of book-banning in libraries after one California school removed all books with a Christian message from their shelves. Brad Dacus with the Pacific Justice Institute (www.pacificjustice.org) rejoins the program to examine the constitutionality of this case.

Finally, we ask whether or not touch democracies can survive. We’ll delve into that and the democracy, tyranny, and the rights of the people in an interesting conversation with Rev. James Schall, S.J., (www.thecatholicthing.org & faculty.georgetown.edu/schallj), a Jesuit priest and Professor Emeritus in Political Science at Georgetown University.




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Oct 6, 2014

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Strategic Perspectives International Conference 2014

Coeur d’Alene, ID at the Coeur d’Alene Resort
115 South 2nd Street, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814


October 23–25, 2014

Thursday Workshops: $30
General Admission (Friday, Saturday): $85
Tickets available online (koinoniainstitute.org/conference/) and at the door (based on availability)
Chuck Missler, Tom Horn, L.A. Marzulli, Bill Salus, Mark Biltz, Joseph Farah, Bob Cornuke, Louis Powell
Also Featuring: Nancy Missler, William Welty, Avi Lipkin, Dan Stolebarger, Ron Matsen, John Loeffler, Steve Elwart, Gordon MacDonald, Jay Seegert, Chris Corlett, Trevor MacDuff, Jeff Altus
Streaming/On Demand
Streaming is also available for $60 and includes 30 days of on demand

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Oct 4, 2014

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Replacement Theology and Modern Antisemitism

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140040 10/04/2014 Replacement Theology and Modern Antisemitism

Much to do so we’ll skip the boralogue today.

With the issue of Ebola on everyone’s mind, the subject of emergency preparedness in a time of pandemic is important to revisit briefly. Dr. Paul Williams, M.D., (www.whenallplansfail.com), author of the emergency preparedness series, When All Plans Fail, joins us to talk about what we can do.

Then we’ll pick up a thread of church history by examining the historic roots of replacement theology in the ancient church, how it has flowed to modern times, and left havoc in its wake. Dr. Daniel Juster (www.tikkunministries.org) premiers on the program from Jerusalem.

Listeners have asked how to solve the dilemma of supporting freedom of religion but at the same time recognizing the possibility that some form of stealth jihad is underway in Europe and the U.S. We’ll address that as Dr. Mark Christian, M.D, (globalfaithinstitute.org) is our next guest.

Finally, there’s a new highly-rated Ken Burns documentary on PBS about the Roosevelts, both Teddy and Franklin. Unfortunately, despite being a quality production, the documentary repeats some of the myths about President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration and its effects on the Great Depression. Stephen Moore from the Heritage Foundation (www.heritage.org) joins us to set some records straight.



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Sep 27, 2014

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The Russia-China Axis

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140039 09/27/2014 The Russia-China Axis

John’s boralogue kicks off today’s show by tying together listener comments about two different but related subjects from previous shows: the necessity of understanding church history and how replacement theology from the fourth century led to the modern form of anti-Semitism and persecution of the Jewish people, even having its effect on anti-Israelis in mainline Christian denominations.

Then we’ll move to constitutional issues and the case of a Christian Tulsa police officer who was punished for raising objections about forced Islamic proselytizing at a Muslim mosque as part of the department’s public relations program. Robert Muise from the American Freedom Law Center (www.americanfreedomlawcenter.org) is a constitutional attorney handling the civil rights case of Police Captain Paul Fields.

Then onto the last in a series of weekly visits by constitutional attorney Michael Connelly from the United States Justice Foundation (www.usjf.net). This week we’ll focus on the 9th and 10th Amendments to the Bill of Rights.

Finally we’ll continue the thread we began last week examining the new geopolitical paradigm changes and growing international tensions. Melik Kaylan (Twitter: @melkaylan) is co-author of The Russia-China Axis: The New Cold War and America’s Crisis of Leadership.



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Sep 26, 2014

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Alternatives to Apple’s Podcast App for iPad and iPhone!

With the latest release of iOS7 and updates to Apple’s Podcast App for iOS, many Apple mobile device users have had an interruption to their podcast services. Fortunately, we have a workaround — and it’s free!

This is a step-by-step guide to help you subscribe to the Steel on Steel podcast using the RSSRadio podcast app for Apple devices. For Android users, you can download a podcast app from the Google Play store. We suggest BeyondPod for Android. We’ll cover how to set that up in a future tutorial.

For Apple iPad and iphone users:

Download the RSSRadio app free from the iTunes app store.

Instructions to add the Steel on Steel podcast to RSSRadio:

(View the image below)

1. Open the RSSRadio app for iOS and tap the + icon in the top right corner.
2. In the Podcast Directory, tap the More… button on the top right corner.
3. Tap “Enter the URL Manually“.
4. Enter the URL of the Steel on Steel podcast:        http://www.steelonsteel.com/podcast.php
5. On the next screen, tap Subscribe.
6. Next, tap the Steel on Steel Radio Broadcast icon.
7. Choose an episode to listen to and tap to begin.
8. In the podcast episode screen, tap Download.
9. Enter your Steel on Steel membership login info (info is case sensitive).
10.Go back to the main podcast screen by tapping the <Podcast button in the top left hand corner.
11.Tap the Downloads button at the bottom of the main Podcast screen.
12.The podcast episode will automatically download to your device and can be played once it’s finished downloading. Enjoy!

            Click the image to view a larger tutorial.



 If you’d like a simpler podcast experience for just $2.99…

Get Downcast for the iPhone or iPad

Download and listen to your favorite podcasts directly from your iOS device without the need to sync with iTunes.

“Downcast Is the Best Podcast Downloader and Player for iPhone” – Lifehacker

“Downcast: Probably The Best Podcast Downloader for iPad and iPhone” – Wired Gadget Lab

Version 2.8.19 is $2.99 in the App Store

+ Updated UI for iOS 7
+ Support for background app refresh (iOS 7 only)
Read More…

Instructions to Add the Steel on Steel Podcast to Downcast:

Do not try to search for the podcast, you must enter it manually.

1. Tap the + icon at the bottom to add a new podcast.
2. In the Add Podcasts screen, tap Add Podcast Manually.
3. Enter the podcast URL   http://www.steelonsteel.com/podcast.php
4. Enter your username and password, tap Done and tap Subscribe.
5. Enjoy!




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Sep 20, 2014

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China and the New Global Paradigm – Part1

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140038 09/20/2014 China and the New Global Paradigm – Part1

John’s boralogue maps out the borders and details of the new emerging global paradigm, setting it in contrast to those early on “world orders” through which we have already passed.

Senator Ted Cruz created a row when speaking at an “In Defense of Christians” conference last week, targeting support for persecuted Christians in the Middle East. The senator made his statement that Israel is the Christian’s greatest friend in that part of the world, for which he was booed. Why that happened can be understood by examining the organization sponsoring this conference. Dexter van Zile (www.camera.org) from the committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting joins the program.

Next we’ll open a new thread on the global goals of China and Russia. Both countries along with the United States and European Union find themselves on a monetary time clock, allowing only a limited window of opportunity for doing whatever it is they intend to do. Gordon Chang (www.gordonchang.com) writes for Forbes and other publications. First question: Will Hong Kong survive as a Switzerland of the Far East?

Then on to the weekly visit with constitutional attorney Michael Connelly (www.usjf.net) from the United States Justice Foundation. This week’s subject is the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution.

Finally, ideas do have consequences. Evolutionists like to dodge the ultimate moral and philosophical implications raised by Darwinism when it comes to human rights. Both World Wars I and II were driven by Social Darwinistic ideas of inferior races. Dr. Richard Weikart, Ph.D., is a fellow at the Discovery Institute and professor of history at California State University Stanislaus.



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