May 29, 2016

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Shall Not Have Died in Vain – 48 min.

Delivered as a special address on Memorial Day 2015, at Candlelight Christian Fellowship. John poses the question: “Did all the brave men and women who gave their lives fighting for the freedoms we enjoy, die in vain?”

What has divided our country since before the Civil War, and widened the rift in recent decades? How can we redeem our freedoms and ensure the God-given liberty our founders intended for generations to come?

This may be one of the most important speeches of John’s career as he lays out where we’ve come from as a nation and what’s needed to regain our republic.

Streaming video of this presentation and others is FREE to Premium subscribers in the Veritas Lounge!

Bulk pricing is available for 5 or more DVD discs. Download the audio in MP3 or the video in MP4.

Price and available formats:

  • DVD Disc $14.00
  • 5 DVD Discs $50.00
  • 25 or more DVD Discs $125.00
  • MP3 Audio Download $3.00
  • MP4 Video Download $5.00
  • MP4 Video USB Flash Drive (4GB)

Plays on most DVD players, digital portable devices and computers.


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Dec 16, 2015

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Media Store: Broadcast MP3 Downloads

Weekly Broadcast MP3 DownloadsDid you know you can download individual Steel on Steel weekly broadcasts in mp3 format without needing a subscription? Each broadcast is full length and has the station breaks removed. The MP3 download also includes the Section 6 Weekly Intelligence Brief which usually runs an additional hour! Section 6 is only available with the MP3 download either by purchasing a program for $1.99 or downloading with your paid subscription. Learn more.

We also have CDs of the weekly program available, but for time constraints, the CDs do not include the Section 6 Intelligence Brief.

We have a year of past shows in MP3 format for download in our store. If you want older broadcasts, we have a decade of shows available on DVD Disc or 4GB USB Flash Drive (years 2002 to present). Premium subscribers can access the entire archive online! Click Subscribe for pricing and details on our membership packages.

For a detailed description of all of our shows:

Check out the Program Guide.


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Feb 6, 2015

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New Product! – The Constitutional Amendment Series

AmendmentsAdIn an 18 episode series in the fall of 2014, John interviewed constitutional attorney Michael Connelly on the 27 amendments to the U.S. Constitution; The first ten being the Bill of Rights.
Follow the discussion over several months as we enumerate and elucidate these basic rights and laws that govern our uniquely American society.

Michael Connelly is the Executive Director of the U.S. Justice Foundation ( and

Available formats:

  • 2 Audio CDs – 101 min.
  • Full-Length MP3 Download – 101min. 48Mb. Download Now!
  • Downloadable Zip file containing 19 individual MP3s – 96Mb. Download Now!
  • MP3 Disc containing 18 individual MP3s and the Full-Length File
  • MP3 USB Flash Drive (4GB) containing 18 individual MP3s and the Full-Length File

Runtime: 101 min. (1hr,41min.)

Price starting from $6.00 Click here to purchase!

Attention Premium Subscribers:

You can download this resource FREE in the Veritas Lounge!

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Jul 18, 2014

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USB Flash Media is Back in Stock!

Back by popular demand, these 4GB flash drives won’t last long!

See also:




Check out our Media Store for these and more great resources!


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Mar 4, 2014

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Get SOS Gear and show your support!

Choose your design, select your product and show your support of Steel on Steel!

We have T-shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, bags and more! Visit our Merchandise Store today!


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Jan 17, 2014

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New Product: Education Extravaganza








Get this extensive education set loaded onto a single 4GB USB Flash drive for $35 or DVD for $30 with just about everything we’ve ever done on education from Common Core to homeschooling.

This set includes: 20 Full length shows, 4 videos and the Worldview Wars set

Full-Length Shows:

130035 08/31/2013 The Common Core Curriculum
130021 05/25/2013 Religious Freedom Needs Defending
130006 02/09/2013 Dealing with Disconnects – Politics to Science
120043 10/27/2012 How Do You Deal with Oxymorons When you Meet Them?
120013 03/31/2012 Spending the Week in Court
120004 01/28/2012 Geopolitics Education and History
110050 12/10/2011 Making Global Citizens of Public School Students
110022 05/28/2011 Backward to Global Education
110005 01/29/2011 Reform That Isn’t Reform
110004 01/22/2011 Standing in the Storms to Come
100030 07/24/2010 Living in Two Worldviews
100028 07/10/2010 Missionaries with Mixed Metaphors
090049 12/05/2009 Why People Are Upset with Government
090034 08/22/2009 The Little Country that Could
070032 08/11/2007 Sexual Liberation is Backfiring
060049 12/09/2006 Emergent Church & PC Thinking
060044 11/04/2006 Dancing with the Dialectic
050016 04/16/2005 The Truth about Tolerance
050015 04/09/2005 To Escape a Worldview
030025 06/21/2003 The Wolf in the Sheepfold

DVD Video (.mp4):

Critical Thinking in an Age of Deceit (45 min.)
The Road Back (64 min.)
The Road Back Extended Version – 2 Disc set (100 min.)

Bonus (.mp3):

Worldview Wars – 5 hour teaching set

Education Extravaganza USB $35.00

Education Extravaganza DVD $30.00


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Mar 4, 2013

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STM Newport Speech MP3 Download

We’ve pre-released the full audio of John’s latest speech: “What Were We Thinking?

John recorded this speech at the Steeling the Mind of America conference on Feb. 23rd., 2013 in Newport Beach, CA. He addresses the listener from the year 2018 and asks just what were we thinking when we allowed our society to continue the downward spiral of moral and fiscal indebtedness? When your 2013 self catches up with your 2018 self, you may want to ask that very question.

The full speech can be heard by downloading the MP3 for just $3.00. Click the image to the left or visit our Media Store and go to DVD Presentation Audio Downloads.

The DVD Disc and MP4 video download will be available shortly; check back for updates!


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Feb 19, 2013

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The Road Back Extended Version – 100min.

This two disc DVD set contains the extended version of John’s speeches on America’s education system called “The Road Back”. They were filmed at the Steeling the Mind of America conferences in Denver, Colorado and Tempe, Arizona in 2010.

Disc 1: What’s Really Going on & Where are We Headed? – 52min.

Disc 2: The Unseen Hand – 48min.

John lays out the the steps we’ve taken as a nation to arrive in the moral decay we’re experiencing now and how to get back to the principles that made our country great.

Available in the following formats:

2 Disc DVD set for $25.00,
MP4 Video USB (4GB) for $25.00
MP4 Video Download for $9.00
MP3 Audio Download for $6.00

Click the image to purchase this resource or just visit our Media Store!


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Jan 10, 2013

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2013 Program Archives Now Available!