Apr 13, 2002

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Red Mercury, Free Speech & Drugs

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Today’s program covers a lot of territory. First up: geopolitical strategist, Jeff Nyquist (jrnyquist.com) reports on the possibility of red mercury thermonuclear technology available to terrorists for use in making a portable nuclear weapon, dirty bomb or EMP device. You’ll want to hear his analysis of what could be the most imminent existential threat to our national security.

Next: Is freedom of speech dying on college campuses all across America? The radical liberal efforts to fight conservative newspapers on campus is discussed with Joshua Mercer, co-founder and Political Director of CatholicVote.org.

Also, a the court decision allowing US citizens to be drugged against their will is discussed with other guests. See United States v. Sell, 282 F.3d 560 (8th Cir. 2002)

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