Jul 6, 2002

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A National Property Zoning System

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John’s boralogue warns a series of areas in the economy are going to blow at any
time. While the country has been distracted by the evening talkies, the Mideast
and terrorism, Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Institute (www.americanpolicy.org)
warns that a bill has been winding its way through Congress, which would put the
federal government in charge of local property zoning laws. Tim Lynch of the Cato
Institute (www.cato.org) warns that the war
on terrorism is putting habeas corpus in severe jeopardy. The Royal Bank of Canada
announced that gold banks were conspiring to suppress the price of gold and then
rapidly backpedaled when a firestorm broke over its head. Bill Murphy of GATA
(www.lemetropolecafe.com) tells why.
Finally, Jefferson County, Colorado teacher Dianne DeMiro, author of too High
a Price for Harmony, (888-280-7715) maintains the shootings at Columbine High
were simply a result of the moral education students have been given in the school
district with the largest number of student suicides per capita in the nation.

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