Mar 15, 2003

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Oh Please, Mr. President!

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Why has President Bush been so reluctant to reveal the real Iraqi/terrorism connection? Because it would reveal a comedy of fumbling and coverups leading back to the bombing of the Murrah Office Building and the inescapable conclusion we could have prevented 9/11.

This program links the missing connections from Oklahoma City to TWA800 to Saddam Hussein. Jack Cashill (co-author of “First Strike – TWA 800 and the Attack on America”) guests.

Security expert Steve Doran provides an insight to why security problems are difficult to control. Mr. Doran was hired by Los Alamos Laboratories to investigate their serious security problems. He was subsequently fired for not being a team player who kept insisting something be done about the criminal problems he found when he wouldn’t keep quiet.

John’s boralogue is a replay of the August 3, 1996 program, the first time Osama Bin Laden’s name was mentioned on SOS in connection with a key terrorist summit held in Iran that year. This show moves!


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