Mar 22, 2003

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Why Do We Bother?

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Today’s show is a whirlwind of verbal tapestry. Former Israeli ambassador Dore Gold (“Hatred’s Kingdom“) emphasizes the fact that Saudi Arabia is the key supporter of terrorism and somehow we need to acknowledge that.

The SEC has informed Fortune 500 companies they’re under scrutiny for cooking their books but who’s watching the biggest book cooker of them all — the federal government? Craig Winn (“Tea with Terrorists”) guests.

Why are North Korean and Chinese ICBMs any issue? Because we failed to build a missile defense system. This may yet to come back to haunt us. Columnist Mona Charen’s new book “Useful Idiots” points out that liberals got it wrong on every single foreign policy decision since World War II, especially about communism.

John’s boralogue examines why we even bother to do the show.


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