Sep 20, 2003

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Oh, Think of the Children!

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"Hi, I’m from the government and I’m here to help you raise your kids,"
is the theme of today’s show. First off, don’t do stupid things when you have
a disagreement with the state as to how your children should be raised. Craig
Parshall, (Custody of the State) explains how parents can avoid collisions with
authorities regarding healthcare and education. What will President Bush’s "No
Child Left Behind" education plan do for your child? A lot of things you
don’t want and none of the things you do. And why is it the feds don’t want
parents to know what’s on the NAEP test? Parents wouldn’t like it if they did.
Allan Quist, author of Fed Ed (,
is the second guest. John does a mid-show boralogue on the staged show-game
playing out between the US and the UN over Iraq.

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