Sep 27, 2003

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Boom! Let’s Pass More Laws!

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Every time there’s a terrorist event, lawmakers stampede to pass more draconian laws stomping on the Bill of Rights. The problem isn’t a lack of laws; most of the time it was law enforcement incompetence that allowed the situation to progress. Steve Lilienthal from Free Congress Foundation looks at the CAPPS II program to profile airline passengers.

Then Richard Miniter, author of Losing bin Laden, talks about the radical failures of the Clinton administration to deal with Osama Bin Laden, allowing 9/11 to happen. Speaking of the Clintons, will she or won’t she? Mark Davis, The Once and Future President ( casts a vote on Senator Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for the presidency.

John’s boralogue addresses the Boomerang Syndrome: If you don’t want a law to apply to you, don’t apply it to someone else. What goes around, comes around.


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