Nov 15, 2003

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Who are the Neo-Cons Conning?

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Both liberals and conservatives think the "problem" is the opposite
party. What neither side realizes is that the Neo-cons have conned them into
fighting each other as the ship of state is steered into their worst nightmare.
There’s an unsuspected third destination on the horizon. Dr. Stan Monteith of
Radio Liberty (
joins John for some musing about where this is all going.

Well horrors, there was another scandal on Wall Street (yawn). Who could have
imagined? (Hint: anyone who was watching). Steve Selengut (Brainwashing of the
American Investor —
does a post mortem on the mutual fund debacle. Keep in mind we are in for hit
after hit and scandal after scandal as the financial world deteriorates. Wait
until derivatives unravel.

John’s boralogue deals with church growth programs and the inability of American
Christians to think critically due to the prevalence of dialectical thought
in the culture.

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