Nov 29, 2003

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Thanksgiving Potpourri

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Thanksgiving week is traditionally one of the slowest news weeks in the year. Nevertheless, this weekend’s program moves rapidly through a series of topics.

John’s boralogue covers a “prophetic” book written 50 years ago. Congress wants drug prescription benefits but everyone ignores the fact that Medicare and Social Security are bankrupt. What is the real face of Islam and why did the European Union spike an report on Anti-Semitism in Europe?

Finally how is the war on terror going and why are more controls
being put on American citizens? P.S. Don’t forget to queue up to have your chip injected. It’s being touted as the cure for losing your ATM card. Hmmm….where have we heard about this before?

You’ve got questions? We do too.

Lastly, here’s our Loeffler family recipe for the best cranberry sauce you’ll ever eat!

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