Feb 7, 2004

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The Cult of the Magdalene

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Did Mary Magdalene and Jesus have a child together and do their  descendants exist today?  It may sound bizarre but the legends of  the Magdalene form the basis of everything from the Knights Templar  to legends of the Holy Grail to The Last Temptation of Christ to a  novel entitled The DaVinci Code.  There is a resurgence of interest  in the cult of the Magdalene.  Dr. Alan Schreck, Chairman of the  Theology Department at Franciscan University at Stuebenville, Ohio  guests.

Then, how biased is the BBC regarding Israel?  Plenty.  Michael  Weinstein from Honest Reporting ( www.honestreporting.com )  joins us.

Finally the U.S. Treasury is calling its thirty bonds and reneging  on the interest.  It seems cracks are forming in the monetary  system?  Etherzone commentator Ed Henry ( www.etherzone.com ) rounds  out the show

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