Mar 6, 2004

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Scandal at the New York Times

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With same-sex marriages blipping on the controversy radar, another scandal is brewing at the New York Times, which apparently collaborated with the chief justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Court to navigate gay marriages to a pre-determined outcome in that state.  Ed Pawlick guests.

Well, the GNI – global nervousness index — went up last week when a “secret” Pentagon report was “leaked” to the Guardian newspaper in Great Britain, claiming global climate change will wreak havoc over the next 20 years.  The global warming crowd is exultant but they failed to notice the slight change from “global warming” to “global climate change.”  My my, the Pentagon is hedging its bets. SOS regular Dr. Dennis Cuddy returns for a look at how the globalist game is played.

John’s boralogue analyzes clips from Alan Greenspan’s brutal testimony to the House Finance Committee warning about the serious shipwrecks ahead, especially for the baby boomers when they try to retire.


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