Mar 27, 2004

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If I were Johnny Terrorist

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John does an extended boralogue today examining the effects of the tragic Madrid bombing and its effect on the terror war, actually World War III. The British have basically told their citizens an attack is probable — nothing they can do about it; just prepare.  Spook-speak says there’s already a dirty nuke in London .  Madrid demonstrated the effectiveness of timed sequential explosions.  Now tie that to the constantly-emerging reports of porta-nukes being obtained by Al Qaeda. Tie that to the fact these are actual nuclear devices instead of dirty nukes. Maybe we don’t want to tie it at all but we always do the hard stuff here.

We frequently receive emails requests from listeners for information on what they can do to brace for the hard economic landing that’s coming.  It’s not so much a big collapse as it is a long gut-wrenching slide interspersed by moments of chaos.  Addison Wiggin ( ) joins us from his office in Paris . He and William Bonner have authored, “Financial Reckoning Day: Surviving the Soft Depression of the 21st Century.”

Finally, we have excerpts from a conversation between James McCarthy, and John Waiss, who have authored a Harvest House book entitled, “Letters Between a Catholic and an Evangelical” ( )


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