Apr 17, 2004

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The Law of the Seas Treaty

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The U.N. Law of the Seas Treaty is up for ratification. The Senate originally wanted to run it through on a voice vote with no record of who-voted-how, but pressure is growing against it.  The treaty has provisions for the transfer of more U.S. sovereignty and a taxation system, contrary to what some congressmen are telling their constituents.  Henry Lamb ( www.freedom.org ) returns as a guest.

Dr. Anis Shorrosh is just back from Iraq.  We’ll take a candid look at how Iraqis view the U.S. from the perspective of an Arab who is fluent in Arabic.

John’s boralogue features another Mad Mad World segment on the economy and answering listener questions on the Social Security Fund.  In the second hour John does a post-Martin/Hunt analysis on the difference between common cause and fellowship among Christians and other religious groups.


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