May 1, 2004

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Who Could Have Imagined?

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We’re tired of hearing the 9/11 plea:  “Who could possibly have imagined someone would fly airplanes into the World Trade Center?” FBI agent John O’Neill knew Al-Qaeda intended to do that.  Award- winning journalist Murray Waiss is author of the new book, “The Man Who Warned America, the Life and Death of John O’Neill.”

Two months before 9/11 in a speech in Idaho, Avi Lipkin, author of “Is Fanatic Islam a Global Threat?” ( ) predicted that airplanes would be crashed into public buildings as terrorist bombs.  His book anticipated all these events years before they happened.  Avi re-joins the show to examine how devastating the intifada has proven for the Palestinian Authority and what Ariel Sharon’s new policies will do.

John’s boralogue is another Mad World romp presenting the conflicting economic viewpoints of Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and presidential candidate, Senator John Kerry.


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