May 29, 2004

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Ron Brown’s Body Lies…

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We’ve promised listeners we’d begin unraveling the developing global trends, which the mainline media are ignoring as they jabber about Iraq.  Well here’s a first cut:  If you think oil at $40 a barrel is high, wait until it hits $50 a barrel within the next 18 months on its way to $100 a barrel in this decade.

At the same time, Russia is vying for a seat in the World Trade Organization as it faces an oil catastrophe, even though it used to be one of the world’s leading producers.  Bill Powers, editor of the Canadian Energy Viewpoint (, who correctly predicted gas higher than $2.00/gallon this summer at the pump, joins us for first part of the show.

Then, Jack Cashill says it’s time to re-open a murder investigation into the death of former Commerce Secretary Ron Brown.  His new book, “Ron Brown’s Body,” says there’s more than enough evidence to do it.

John’s boralogue lays the groundwork for the global changes underway.


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