Jun 26, 2004

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Well is There a Connection or Not?

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It’s up, it’s down.  Is there or is there not a connection between Saddam Hussein and WMDs and 9/11?  Just as the Bush administration is saying it never really said there was a connection, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (www.jinsa.org) has uncovered some interesting evidence that most of Saddam’s WMDs were moved to Syria.  Shoshana Bryer guests for the first part of the program.

The Patriot Act is rapidly spreading out to cover non-terrorist related crimes.  This has implications for the Jose Padilla case before the Supreme Court we discussed last week. Lance Gay from Scripps Howard News Service joins us to reveal his investigations of Patriot Act use or abuse.

John’s boralogue covers the emerging UN oil-for-food program scandal, where money went into the pockets of the E.U., the U.N. and Saddam Hussein but not to the poor people of Iraq, who needed it.


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