Jul 3, 2004

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The UN’s Food-for-Oil Scandal

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We’re shocked to discover that the UN skimmed money destined to provide food and medicine for poor Iraqi children, aren’t you? Somehow the money wound up in the pockets of the UN, Saddam Hussein and certain European countries.  Maybe that’s why they all weren’t so thrilled about the Iraq war. But, sigh, this is just one of numerous corruption issues plaguing the organization held by many to be the flag-bearer for “global governance.”  Will Grigg, author of “America’s Engineered Decline” (www.stoptheftaa.org) joins us.

Later on we discuss with Will the economic war on America’s middle class.

Finally, at the tail of the program, John analyses why it’s hard to take a “position” on the War on Iraq, like so many talk shows do, because, aside from supporting our troops, our purpose is to observe this multi-layered situation and report on the issues that are involved and how they interact.

John’s boralogue adds more fuel to the bubbling Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac scandal and ties together all the financial bubbles that are threatening America  today. Duck!


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