Jul 10, 2004

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Mentally Ill and Loving It

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President Bush wants to provide mental health screening for all Americans.  Ah, but wait until you discover that the definitions of mental illness include people who have fixed religious beliefs. Moreover, the program has been long under way before President Bush took office and if the elitists get their way, this program will be mandatory just as child vaccinations are now.  SOS regular Dr. Dennis Cuddy, PhD, joins the conversation.

When you go to the supermarket and swipe a customer loyalty card to get that neato discount, do you ever wonder where information about your purchasing habits goes?  The government is buying up the information to data mine for tax cheats and other law breakers and the Fourth Amendment need not apply.  Katherine Albrecht (www.nocards.org) guests in the last part of the program.

John’s boralogue shows how the dialectic of the Bush administration torture scandal played nicely into the agenda of the International Criminal Court.  We also examine the potential the impending global economic crisis has for military violence.


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