Oct 9, 2004

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So Something Goes Boom!

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So something goes boom in your neighborhood.  What is it exactly you are going to do? We asked former Soviet Army doctor Igor Shafid (www.globalstrategicresources.com) to return and provide listeners with a detailed explanation of how to deal with WMD contamination in your neighborhood, which we really didn’t address adequately during his visit a few weeks ago.

John’s extended boralogue covers an ongoing series of issues: The surge in the price of oil past $50/barrel, earlier than we predicted. Another red mercury deal on the black market was scuttled. For something that doesn’t exist a lot of people seem to want it. Finally we examine why a draft will be necessary as the U.S. becomes the world’s policeman, a strategy designed during the Kennedy administration and revised as it moved forward through the decades; something of which most Americans are unaware.


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