Dec 25, 2004

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To Be or Not to Be

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Merry Christmas!

We’re taking the day so we offer a prerecorded round table program: Did the economy do what was expected in 2004 and where will it head in 2005? How do the gold bugs account for the lack of predicted performance of their precious little metal and where will the death of the dollar take us? Today’s guests usually appear when John co-hosts the Financial Sense Newshour (, his other radio persona. Guests include Jim Puplava, Bill Powers, Dave Morgan, Tim Wood, and Jim Willie.

John’s boralogue examines the secular assault to impose politically correct thinking on the church, even requiring it to sacrifice its very soul. He compares today’s church with the fourth century church, when it confronted the same problem under the Diocletian persecution: to be or not to be Christian.


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