Jan 29, 2005

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Escaping the Big Blurry

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Well here we are elections weekend in Iraq. Can the Iraqis handle it? The liberation of the Iraqi people was a Neo-con rationale for going into Iraq and indeed this would seem to be the opportunity of a millennium for the Iraqis.

At the same time, the Neocons can’t seem to work out of the Big Blurry of the who-what-when and where of the war on terror. Not to be left out, liberals don’t seem to realize the new paradigm train has left the station and they’re on it, like it or not. Things will never be again as they were prior to 9/11, no matter what reason was given for the war on terror.

Neocon Steven Vincent, author of “In the Red Zone: A Journey into the Soul of Iraq,” guests.

John’s boralogue covers the Great Reneging as the American government begins its grand default on a century’s worth of promises to the citizenry. It’s a wake-up call to Joe Average to plan for his own future.

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Jan 22, 2005

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The Emerging Healthcare Crisis

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Today’s program features the first in a series of segments on issues confronting the healthcare industry, which is heading into a crisis other than the financial situation every one talks about. The medical profession has hemmed itself into its own scientific naturalism, causing doctors to ignore cures just because they’re not politically correct. Dr. Chris Hussar, both a doctor and a dentist, joins us for a look at how healthcare actually does things which harm patients.

Then we continue the conversation begun last week with former British MI-5 Agent, David Shayler, regarding the danger of unaccountable secrecy in government, especially in a time of unending war.

John’s boralogue examines the worldview assumptions behind the question news commentators asked after the Tsunami disaster:
“If there is a loving God, how could He allow such evil?” Hint: secularists keep stealing the Christian definition of what good and evil is.

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Jan 15, 2005

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Shenanigans, Secrecy and You

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Several strings tie together today. First John’s boralogue examines the connections between the Indonesian disaster and the predictions of evangelist David Wilkerson’s “The Vision,” as well as the Third Secret of Fatima. We’ll have more to come on the Third Secret in weeks to come.

Then we segue into an interesting interview with geologist Jim Berkland (www.syzygyjob.org) on the subject of predicting earthquakes. He’s developed methods that seem to work but his colleagues don’t like what he does.

Finally, we’ve invited former British MI-5 agent David Shayler back to discuss the dangers of hiding criminal activity behind secrecy laws and how this figures into the War on Terror.

Seat belts on everyone.

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Jan 8, 2005

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The Slow Death of Environmentalism

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Environmentalism was initially launched by idealists who genuinely wanted to “save the planet,” but very rapidly married into socialism as an economic system and pantheism as a theology.

Environmentalism has run rough shod over property owners and the constitution for years but now a slow backlash is building that may signal the end of environmentalism as we have known it.

Henry Lamb (www.freedom.org) joins us to discuss the latest efforts to revive Kyoto in the U.S. Then G.B. Oliver (www.paragonfoundation.org) updates us on the Wayne Hage case, which has made startling inroads to halting uncompensated taking of ranching and farming property.

Avi Lipkin (www.vicmord.com) does a projection of this year’s prognosis for peace in the Middle East but don’t hold your breath.

John’s boralogue examines the beginning of the slow end of environmentalism as we have known it.

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