Jan 1, 2005

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And the Media Said Nothing

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Happy New Year!

We frequently discuss the mainline media’s failure to cover important stories due to ignorance bias or neglect. Over Christmas break two stories broke demonstrating this. First, Fannie Mae is, oh my, scandal-ridden and broke. Didn’t they see this coming? Yes they did and now they’re trying to bury it before people realize what it means. Addison Wiggin from the Daily Reckoning (www.dailyreckoning.com) joins us.

Then a financial major story broke in Mexico at the same time which should have caused major spikes in the silver markets but no one would cover it. Dave Morgan from Silver Investor (www.silver-investor.com) stops by for a visit.

Finally in the second hour we take a look at hate speech laws and how they affect Christians around the world. Mike Diprimo reports on an important criminal case emerging in Philadelphia.

Is Kyoto dead? Not by a long shot. John’s boralogue looks at the international bargaining chip that the Kyoto Protocol — which won’t do a thing to prevent global warming — has become, especially in the oil wars of the 21st Century.


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