Feb 26, 2005

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The Last Days of the Late Great Bankrupt State

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“As California goes, so goes the nation” may soon prove to be true in economics as the state assembly and senate cannot come to grips with the realities of shoddy fiscal policy. It’s a microcosm of where the U.S. is headed. If the U.S. is the titanic, California may well be the bow. Patrick Mallon (www.patrickmallon.com), author of “California Dictatorship, How Liberal Extremism destroyed Gray Davis,” guests in the first hour.

Then in hour two we continue the Fatima series by looking at the mind of Malachi Martin, author of “Keys of this Blood” and “Windswept House,” featuring an assembly of clips from various interviews and phone conversations with him while he was still alive. It’s an interesting compendium.

John’s boralogue is an examination of the critical sections of congressional testimony by Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan before Congress. The Democrats continue in denial about the non- existent social security trust fund, while Republicans attempt to dodge the bullet. Either way, it’s reality that’s going to carry the day, not in 2018 or 2040, but in just three years in 2008. This segment features clips from Alan Greenspan, Congressman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Congressman Robert Bennett (R-UT).

Seat Belts on everyone….


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