Mar 19, 2005

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Blinking at the M.E. Corral

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As Russian and U.S. military ships head towards Syria, John’s boralogue examines the building Middle East showdown involving Israel, the U.S., Syria, Iran and Lebanon. The conflict involves more than just countries; it also implicates private armies, terrorist groups such as Hezbollah, and drug operatives in the Bekaa Valley. This threatens a lot of money and quite a few parties will be seriously unhappy about any move the U.S. makes.

Then we feature a conversation with government whistle-blower Rodney Stich, author of “Defrauding America,” and numerous other books on government corruption, finishing the two-part, behind-the-scenes series on big government and big finance.

Finally, it seems as if the Codex Alimentarius may be back on the radar with another attempt to remove vitamins and health supplements from over-the-counter sale in the U.S. Dr. James Howenstein, MD, ( guests from his home in Costa Rica.


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