Mar 26, 2005

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Kabbalah and the Rise of Mysticism

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Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed. Happy Easter everyone.

Slight change of tone this weekend.

First, as players in the Middle East jockey for position in the emerging US-Syrian-Iranian conflict, we do a Middle East update with Avi Lipkin (, author of “Is Fanatic Islam a Global Threat?” Avi began warning about the world of terrorist conflicts long before it was on the mental radar of most persons. He also warned that terrorists would be flying airplanes into buildings two months ahead of 9/11.

Then Dr. Chuck Missler, M.S., Th.D., joins us to discuss the historical disaster that is the popular novel, “The DaVinci Code.” We also discuss the rise in mysticism among liberal elites, who are disenchanted with atheistic secularism. Core to this is the concept of foundations of one’s belief system.

John’s boralogue furthers the examination of truth issues emerging from the ongoing social security/medicare blather in the mainline media.


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