May 7, 2005

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U.S. Income Tax vs. a Global Tax

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We’ll stay largely in the economic realm for the first hour. Jim Puplava ( explains the tale of two economies we are currently experiencing: (1) paper and currency markets, where a few are becoming fabulously rich and (2) the real economy of every day affecting John and Jane Doe, where everyone is becoming poorer.

Then we’ll examine President Bush’s plan to revamp the income tax and whether it’s really part of a global harmonization of tax laws to prepare the way for a global tax. Joan Veon ( guests.

In the second hour, we’ll examine the growing intolerance towards teachers and scientists who present the severe problems of Darwinian theory to their students. Key among this are those who mention intelligent design’s scientific challenge to random chance. Roger DeHart was a high school biology teacher who was forced out of his job because he dared to present the problems with Darwinian theory as well as its assets. He joins us in the last part of the program.

John’s boralogue examines the ongoing progress of the Great Reneging as politicians trying to deny its profundity. Political panic lies just ahead.


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