May 14, 2005

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Genetic Modification: A Second Look

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It’s generally been quiet “out there.” Iran is insisting on pursuing its nuclear weapons programs. China is under pressure to stop pegging the Yuan to the dollar. Russia continues testing new missiles while everyone seems to be jockeying for position for the multiple crises to come.

Meanwhile, last week biotech companies celebrated planting the billionth acre of genetically modified seed. This ignores a steady stream of emerging evidence suggesting GM foods could be causing serious problems to animals and humans. Jeffrey Smith
( returns as a guest.

If you smell the air and observe the sky, you can “feel” the perfect financial storm approaching. Last week major manufacturers General Motors and Ford saw their bonds downgraded by Standard & Poors to junk status. Then United Airlines received approval to default on its pension plan for employees. This is the tip of an emerging iceberg. Either way, Americans are being squeezed from above by taxes, inflation, fees and regulations, while promises made to them are failing. Adam Lass ( guests.

John does an extended boralogue connecting dots from the failing income tax system, to increasing competition for limited resources to the baby boomers and euthanasia.


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