Jun 11, 2005

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A Light or a Blight for Freedom?

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We’ve got a potpourri show today.

First John examines the philosophical contradictions of the latest Star Wars movie along with other relativist silliness.

Then we examine an exorcism/abuse case in England that has reached all the way to Parliament. Chris Munday is on the line from London.

In Segment 3 John examines parts of Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan’s testimony before Congress this week and Segment 4 takes up two current issues which made current headlines: the Supreme Court’s decision rejecting of medical marijuana and Amnesty International’s report on a network of secret U.S. detention centers around the world.

Finally, John’s mother turned 90 this week and she is the guest for Segment 5 with memories of major events of the 20th Century, seen through the eyes of someone who experienced them.

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