Jun 18, 2005

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There is No Plan B

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Everything in the Middle East is on a parallel course to a future not-so-distant conflict. The U.S. is establishing bases everywhere in the region. Things are slowly coming to a boil regarding Iran. The Saudis are running out of oil and in the Palestinian Authority, it’s back to terrorism as usual as daily attacks on Israel have resumed. Mr. Abbas is Arafat in a suit — lose the beard. Dr. Rachael Ehrenfeld, Ph.D., author of “Funding Evil: How Terrorism is Financed” and director of the American Center for Democracy (www.public-integrity.org) is our first guest.

Then we call London for a conversation with Vladimir Bukovsky, who was a dissident prisoner in the Soviet gulag system for ten years. While many are saying the European Union is in trouble and they need a Plan “B,” Bukovsky warns Europeans that Plan “A” is well underway and the referenda don’t mean anything. Moreover, their new government is looking more and more like the old Soviet one. In essence he says, “my past if your future.”

John’s boralogue covers the relationship between secular humanists and Marxism, simply by quoting from Humanist Manifesto I. In Segment 5 he examines why the “Slippery Slope” really isn’t as much of a fallacy as college professors would like us to believe.


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