Jul 9, 2005

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The Hate Police Have Been Frothy

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The Southern Poverty Law Center has accused the religious right (Dobson, Schlafley, et al.) of spreading hatred because of their opposition to the homosexual political and education agenda. However, the SPLC’s own track record of correctly identifying hate groups has been a bit shaky and radical leftist in outlook. We talk to Stewart Best (www.truinsight.com), whose organization Best & Best Video was declared a hate organization ten years ago, even though it wasn’t. Later he was dropped from their list without apology but a lot of damage had been done by then.

Then we flip to the U.K. for an examination of parallel issues in that country. Stephen Green of Christian Voice (www.christianvoice.org.uk) joins us. Stephen was publicly vocal in opposing Jerry Springer’s blasphemous opera and now finds his bank account being closed because of his religious/political views.

In the second hour, we answer listener requests to take another look at the dialectical nature of the church growth movement. Paul Proctor is guest.

John’s boralogue examines the difficulties in defining hate and the consequences when such hate laws are passed.


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