Aug 6, 2005

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So That’s Why We Don’t Guard Borders!

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Phyllis Schlafley (www. is our first guest today. She is calling attention to a Council on Foreign Relations report about an agreement between President Bush, President Fox and Prime Minister Martin at Waco Texas, to unify Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. “Why isn’t anyone else reporting on this?” she asks, and perhaps this is the reason we’re not stemming the flow of illegals across the U.S./Mexico border.

Then we look at the negative fallout from the Supreme Court’s recent eminent domain decision. Paul Chesser ( from the John Locke Foundation joins us.

The attitudes of europeans towards the War on Terror is starting to shift as the impact of Islamic terrorism strikes home. We talk to Dutch attorney Hans van Zundert, who handles the cases of both Muslims and Christians escaping from Iran and seeking asylum in his country.

John’s boralogue deals with a series of miscellaneous subjects.


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