Aug 13, 2005

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Something Big is Brewing

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As promised, we’re taking time off, making today’s program a “perspective piece” on the Middle East. To many of us who do advance news work, the world “out there” has the same “feel” it did just prior to 9/11. We can’t avoid the premonition that big things are brewing, which will ratchet the war on Terror into the next stage of World War III.

You’ve heard Avi Lipkin on the program before. Today we interview Rachael Lipkin, who grew up in Cairo, Egypt, and who now monitors Arabic-language chatter on cable, satellite and broadcast to see what’s going on in the Middle East from the Arab viewpoint.

Frequently it’s the opposite of what the Arab world is saying to the West in English, as was the case during the entire peace process of the 90s. Rachael says the west is disconnected from reality and whatever breaks loose is going to surprise everyone.

John’s boralogue ties up loose ends and reports on interesting news stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.


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