Sep 10, 2005

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Hurricanes and Hype

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After Hurricane Katrina roared through the Gulf Coast, the global warming crowd began roaring that climate change caused the disaster. But lo and behold, the nation’s foremost hurricane forecaster, Professor William Gray ( — search “tropical”) at the Tropical Storm Center of the University of Colorado, says that’s hooey.

While hurricanes are increasing in the Atlantic, the total number of hurricanes worldwide is down. Moreover, he says the Atlantic changes are due to long-term cycles and global warming is hyped political nonsense. You’ll find it a fascinating conversation.

John’s boralogue takes a brief look the hype surrounding Katrina and whether the hurricane was a catalyzing event that slides us further into depression or just a bump on the road.

In the last part of the program we do a 20-minute analysis of the U.S. energy situation, how we got here and the crises to come.


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