Sep 17, 2005

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Project Able Danger

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Government at all levels fell apart trying to handle the effects of Hurricane Katrina. So now what? Are the country’s police and fire departments ready to deal with what might be heading their way? After all, it’s only been four years since 9/11. Jim Kouri (, Vice President of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, tells us what they’re not ready for and how they can get ready.

As more hearings on who-knew-what-about-9/11 took place this week, it seems the FBI had a lot more knowledge about the terrorists than they admit, thanks to a little-known project called “Able Danger.” Long-time SOS guest, Dr. Dennis Cuddy, PhD, ( joins us again.

John’s boralogue analyzes how the Supreme Court’s recent decision regarding eminent domain has kicked off what may be a flurry of property seizures by governments around the country.


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