Oct 22, 2005

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Fiddling While the Country Burns

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Who determines the moral upbringing of your children? The David Parker criminal trespass trial began this week in Massachusetts. Mr. Parker was arrested at a meeting with school officials when he protested the indoctrination of his kindergarten-age son with pro- homosexual lifestyle materials without his consent. Brian Camenker from the Action 8 Alliance (www.massresistance.com) joins us to discuss the case, which is bound to have far-reaching implications.

Did you really hope for tax reform from the President’s commission on same? It’s only tinkering around the edges with no substantive changes. Why? They put the same people in charge that got us into this tax mess in the first place. Attorney George Pieler with the Institute for Policy Innovation (www.ipi.org) joins us to project where so-called tax “reform” is headed.

The U.S. is facing an economic crisis of breathtaking proportions with a collapsing oil supply, rising interest rates, rising inflation, and rising taxes. John’s boralogue summarizes the crisis.


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