Nov 19, 2005

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So You Don’t Believe in Peak Oil

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Some of you want to hear the other side of peak oil, so we’re giving Dr. Stan Monteith, M.D., ( an opportunity to present his case for the renew-ability of oil, based on his op-ed piece entitled, “The Myth of Peak Oil”

This week the United Nations attempted to grab control of the internet and it also “un-fired” the only person who had been discharged as a result of the food-for-oil scandal. Why are Americans so ignorant of this bloated, corrupt bureaucracy’s long- term strategies and goals? Constitutional attorney Joseph Klein, author of “Global Deception,” joins us.

John’s boralogue analyzes a debate about home schooling, which erupted following a nationally-publicized murder this week, as the media attempted to attribute it to homeschooling.


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