Dec 24, 2005

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Recognizing Toxic Religion

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Merry Christmas and Happy Channukah

If religion does not influence politics, then politics will govern religion. Private hospitals are facing increased pressure to conform to secular laws, which violate conscience, such as providing mandatory abortion drugs. In Massachussets Catholic and other private hospitals are in a showdown with the State on moral conscience vs. law, which is spreading to other states and involving more than just abortion. Attorney Jarad Leeland joins us from the Beckett Fund (

Jesus came to set the captives free but some Christian sects place their members in more bondage than before they were Christians.
How does one recognize a "toxic church" and what is required to extract one’s self from it, especially when a lot of family members are part of it? Even worse, toxic churches will often tell their members this is God’s will for them and if they leave, they will forfeit salvation. Dr. Lebron McBride.

John’s boralogue is an observation on the spirit of the season.

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