Jan 28, 2006

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Saving Democracy but Losing Freedom

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We clear the decks today for an unusual type of program. On January 17, 2006, former Vice President Al Gore delivered an important address in New York regarding the erosion of civil rights in the name of preserving freedom. His speech was sponsored by a coalition of left and right-wing political groups. It was so important, the New York Times (the so-called newspaper of record) ignored it and little has been said in other media, but it may well turn out to be one of the most important speeches of the decade.

John airs clips of the speech along with commentary putting the former vice president’s comments in perspective. In addition, we’re providing a link to hear Vice President Gore’s address in its entirety.

Listen to Al Gore’s Speech: MP3 Download

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Jan 21, 2006

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Chasing the Radio

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Other than the emerging Iran crisis it’s been a slow week. The GNI continues to rise but for now things are stable.

National elections are scheduled for Monday in Canada, but the plans for economically uniting Canada, the U.S. and Mexico plug forward with the citizens of those countries unaware of the process in play, unless it just comes to wondering why the U.S. can’t control its own borders. Carl Teichrib has been monitoring the latest from Manitoba, Canada and joins us for the first part of the program.

Then we’ve been chewing on progressive Democrat James ‘s statement Kunstler that his fellow Democrats are becoming irrelevant, trying to evaluate whether or not that’s correct. In pursuit of this, we’ll take several slices at the subject.

The first slice today involves Republican author, Alan Skorski, whose new book, “Pants on Fire,” takes a look at Air America, the liberal talk show network.

John’s boralogue examines the history of how worldviews and how the antagonism of both liberals and conservatives has grown so great and why for the most part both sides talk past each other.

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Jan 14, 2006

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Who’s Watching the Bourse?

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The Global Nervousness Index (GNI) is now steadily begun rising after the new year. It’s obvious a short-term showdown — overt or covert — is cooking in the Middle East.

The Iranians are opening up their nuclear reactor and the U.S. isn’t happy. But have you heard about the Iranian Oil Bourse scheduled to come on line in March? It’s the real nuclear bomb, which threatens to destabilize the U.S. dollar worldwide. When Saddam Hussein did the same thing in the Food-for-Oil debacle, the U.S. invaded Iraq. It’s clear something has to give an short order.

Two guests join us on the subject. First Jim Puplava (www.financialsense.com) from the financial Sense Newshour appears for a segment to explain the bourse and its significance. Then Ed Haas from The Muckraker Report(www.teamliberty.net) explains in layman’s detail the far-reaching implications of what the Iranians are doing to the world’s financial markets.

Finally, we’ll go to Jerusalem and Avi Lipkin (www.vicmord.com) for an analysis of the political changes in Israel as well as the fact the terrorist group Hamas is about to be elected to power in Palestine and has said it will sever relations with Israel.

In the light of Judge Samuel Alito’s confirmation hearings this week John’s boralogue examines the importance of habeas corpus and how the War on Terror threatens it.

Seat belts on everyone!

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Jan 7, 2006

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Worldviews Do Matter

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First show of the New Year and it rotates totally around the importance of understanding worldviews in dealing with the issues of the day.

John’s boralogue reviews the recent court decision on intelligent design, using clips of Dr. Steven Meyer, Ph.D, (www.discovery.org) from the Discovery Institute in Seattle, separating the real issues behind ID vs. the straw ones, which are commonly presented in the media.

Then we talk with Brannon Howse (www.worldviewweekend.org), who organizes worldview weekends for groups around the country, training youth in the importance of the Christian worldview and understanding competing ones.

Finally, we’ll run part of an entertaining address given by Frank Peretti at Candlelight Fellowship (www.candlelightfellowship.org) on the subject of absolute truth and the absurdities some people mouth when trying to deny it.

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