Jan 7, 2006

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Worldviews Do Matter

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First show of the New Year and it rotates totally around the importance of understanding worldviews in dealing with the issues of the day.

John’s boralogue reviews the recent court decision on intelligent design, using clips of Dr. Steven Meyer, Ph.D, (www.discovery.org) from the Discovery Institute in Seattle, separating the real issues behind ID vs. the straw ones, which are commonly presented in the media.

Then we talk with Brannon Howse (www.worldviewweekend.org), who organizes worldview weekends for groups around the country, training youth in the importance of the Christian worldview and understanding competing ones.

Finally, we’ll run part of an entertaining address given by Frank Peretti at Candlelight Fellowship (www.candlelightfellowship.org) on the subject of absolute truth and the absurdities some people mouth when trying to deny it.


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