Mar 18, 2006

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America’s Breadbasket Has Holes

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Where does electricity come from? Why an electric socket, of course. Where does food come from? Why the supermarket, of course. So say the city dwellers, who don’t want energy or food production near their homes. But when they’ve killed our ability to produce and energy and food, what will they do?

As most Americans ignore their looming energy crisis, we’re featuring a related issue: the plight of America’s farmers and food production. We feature an extended interview with Joyce Morrison, whose op-ed piece on details how the heartland of America is disappearing, along with an independent way of life, that now suffers from massive government and environmental interference. This forms just one part of a more complex picture of converging crises, which are simultaneously descending on the country.

John’s boralogue once again visits the issue of why a solid education is important and why most Americans act as if stupidity were a virtue.


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