Apr 15, 2006

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Moo to RFID!

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Happy Easter Everyone! Christ is Risen.

RFID chips are touted as secure identification for things, animals and people. But the RFID companies aren’t “fessing” up to the fact that chips are vulnerable to attack, tampering, fraud and viruses. Melanie Rieback (www.rfidvirus.org and www.rfidguardian.org) is a member of an award-winning team at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, Holland. She joins us to discuss their new RFID vulnerability study.

We’ve interviewed a rancher and farmer over the past few weeks. Today we complete the triad of agricultural interviews by hearing what a California dairyman has to say about the industry, illegal immigration, government, regulation, etc. Dairyman Jack Beukelman joins us.

John’s boralogue muses a bit on tax day which is upon us.


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