Apr 22, 2006

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Read the Bills!

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It’s Lenin’s Birthday, celebrated worldwide as Earth Day. John throws a boralogue damper on the festivities by pointing out that more scientists are casting doubt on global warming as a man-made phenomenon.

Americans are often surprised to discover that their elected federal and state officials often don’t know what’s in the bills they vote upon. Now one organization seeks to change that. Jim Babkaa from Downsize D.C. (www.downsizedc.org) joins us.

We’ll do a brief recap on the latest about the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) as well as the latest rant about Americans’ inability to use their language correctly.

Finally, it’s back; another move to squash free speech on talk radio and the internet. Brian Anderson from City Journal (www.city-journal.org) website joins us to examine the latest emergent efforts to step on the First Amendment.

John’s boralogue is a concatenation of observations about geopolitical and political events over the last few weeks.


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