Jul 15, 2006

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Things that Don’t Work Well

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From the Kyoto Protocol to RFID chips to DNA testing, there are things that aren’t working properly you need to know about.

First, John’s boralogue looks at the latest major flaws in RFID chips used in everything from toll booth passes to high-security access. They can be easily cloned without the owner’s knowledge and used fraudulently.

Then we’re joined by Fred Pearce of New Scientist magazine (www.newscientist.com). Remember all the hullabaloo about global warming and how bad the U.S. and Australia are because they won’t ratify it? Well its seems ratifying countries are looking for ways to get out of their obligations. In essence their talk about being green friendly is hot air.

Then Sheri Fink from Discover magazine (www.discover.com) comes on board to disillusion listeners about the myth that DNA identification is flawless. While a very useful tool, it’s not foolproof. There are many problems and if you’re ever on a jury, you should know what they are.

Finally, we’ll talk to mass communications professor Walter Brasch (www.walterbrasch.com) about why journalism has gone off the rails lately.

Busy show. Enjoy.


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