Sep 30, 2006

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As You Think, So Shall it Be

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Philosophy and worldviews are the foundation of politics, morals, economics and society. Contrary to what secularists assert, they are inseparable. Somebody’s worldview will prevail in politics and law. The show rotates around this theme today.

John’s introduces the program with an extended boralogue examining Pope Benedict XV’s statements during his academic address at Regensburg, Germany, including the relationship between faith and politics. Then he ties this to the alleged dichotomy between reason and faith.

From there we jump to our guest, philosophy Professor Brendan Sweetman, Ph.D., author of "Why Politics Needs Religion."

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Sep 23, 2006

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The Cost of Illegal Immigration

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The West is experiencing a death of speech tolerance, which represents a grave threat to freedom. Frosty Wooldridge covered 25,000 motorcycle miles traveling across the country, confronting Americans with the hard-core facts associated with illegal immigration. We’ll see what the reaction was as Frosty joins us.

In the light of the controversy over Pope Benedict XVI’s comments on Islam this week, John’s boralogue reflects on other small stories largely ignored by the media, which distinguish truth from political correctness in the larger controversies, notably in Germany. John also tails out the show with persecution news from around the world.

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Sep 16, 2006

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Borders, Latin America and Terrorism

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Busy show today.

Conditions in Latin America are tending toward instability and some countries are even setting up open visas with terrorist-supporting countries such as Syria. Shoshana Bryer from JINSA ( )
warns that US borders are drastically unsecured.

Don McAlvaney ( ) of the McAlvaney Intelligence
appears briefly on the show with a cataloging of the cost
of illegal immigration.

Finally, we’ll continue telling the story of the so-called Israeli”terrorist” units involved in the Jewish struggle to free Palestine
from British control in the 1940s. Middle East historian, Dr.
Steve Carol, Ph.D., ( and )
joins us.

John’s boralogue runs clips from a recent CSPAN forum examining
media bias in coverage of the latest Middle East war. Every once
in a while the truth comes roaring through

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Sep 9, 2006

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Are Israeli Terrorists Active Today?

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It seems the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) has taken a lot of heat lately about its goals to merge the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  So the official website has published a rebuttal. Nevertheless an examination of the writings and speeches of SPP’s guiding light, Robert Pastor, weaves a different story than one they’re presenting on the official site.  Pastor wrote a book entitled, Toward a North American Union .  Pat Wood from The
August Review
( ) updates us.

Frequently anti-Israeli commentators forward the notion of founding of Israel as an act of terrorism, citing activities of the Irgun and the Stern Gang, attempting to legitimize Hamas and Hesbollah. Today history professor Dr. Steve Carol, Ph.D, ( ) will tell the story of the various military groups involved in founding the Israeli state.  This is a two-part series.

As the country’s awareness of its own history changed due to
historical revisionism, its self-loathing has increased.  So how far has the West slipped over 50 years?  Audio clips from British Pastor Peter Jones demonstrate that it’s worse than we thought.

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