Sep 16, 2006

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Borders, Latin America and Terrorism

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Busy show today.

Conditions in Latin America are tending toward instability and some countries are even setting up open visas with terrorist-supporting countries such as Syria. Shoshana Bryer from JINSA ( )
warns that US borders are drastically unsecured.

Don McAlvaney ( ) of the McAlvaney Intelligence
appears briefly on the show with a cataloging of the cost
of illegal immigration.

Finally, we’ll continue telling the story of the so-called Israeli”terrorist” units involved in the Jewish struggle to free Palestine
from British control in the 1940s. Middle East historian, Dr.
Steve Carol, Ph.D., ( and )
joins us.

John’s boralogue runs clips from a recent CSPAN forum examining
media bias in coverage of the latest Middle East war. Every once
in a while the truth comes roaring through

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