Oct 14, 2006

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Science and the Arts

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What relationship do science and the arts actually have? While assigning much to random chance, science actually argues that there is design and order because it’s always looking for “elegance” in its theories. Dr. Benjamin Wiker, Ph.D, co-author of “A Meaningful World,” joins us to look at the tension between various disciplines and how perhaps the tension is actually harmony.

John’s extended boralogue centers on the “silly season” which precedes U.S. elections, when stupid stuff dominates the airwaves as the parties attempt to sway election votes.

Boy Democrats are sure upset about Congressman Foley making sexual advances to House pages. Problem is, a lot of their people did the same thing in the last two decades but they weren’t shocked then.

Also, why are gold and oil in the tank and what does this mean in the long run as the Fed begins to re-inflate an M3 money supply, now estimated at a breathtaking 10% right now?

Finally ideas do have consequences, even in school shootings, but the virulent negative reaction to an op-ed piece by a father whose son was killed at Columbine High School is disturbing.

At show’s end John briefly addresses what people can do to prepare for the future.


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