Nov 11, 2006

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Sea Change for the Middle East?

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This week we exchanged Socialist Party (R) for Socialist Party (D) in Congress, an ongoing process of pitching one group of rascals out and putting other rascals in. This process will accelerate and deepen in the future as we get hit be a series of geopolitical and economic crises.

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was sacked and replaced with Dr. Robert Gates. But Gates hangs with the globalist crowd that thinks American support of Israel is causing unrest in the Middle East. So what does that mean for the region’s future? Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen, Donald Rumsfeld’s predecessor in the Clinton administration, joins us on the show about that and other topics.

Texas is abuzz with rumors about the Trans-Texas Corridor but no one seems to be able to get information about it. That’s because Texas Governor Rick Perry is keeping the lid on things. Once people discover how many Texans are going to lose property under eminent domain, it won’t be pretty. Perhaps it would be instructive to look at the history of how the Monet process formed the EU and make comparisons to its use in shaping the Security and Prosperity Partnership. Harold Hoffman joins us from Britannia Radio in the U.K. (

John’s boralogue analyzes long-term hidden trends, which this week’s elections have triggered.


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