Jan 13, 2007

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Is It War, Harriet?

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Many things bubbling around the world and the majority of the “bubbleage” stems from the Middle East.

Hamas and Hezbollah are rearming while Gaza is now a hotbed of terrorist activity, all in preparation for the next encounter with Israel. Moreover, last weekend a British newspaper reported that Israel plans using tactical nukes for bombing Iranian nuclear facilities. Caroline Glick from the Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) joins us to discuss all of these issues.

There seems to be a change on the CFR “script” for the Middle East and the Bush administration apparently has more than one action iron in the fire. Moreover, is apparently much changeover in military operations in the Mideast while rumors emerge of an intended strike on Iran. Jerome Corsi (www.worldnetdaily.com) joins the show to detail all the activity.

John’s boralogue examines the 661-day window the Bush administration has to put in motion geopolitical and economic events that no future congress or president will be able to easily reverse simply because they disagree with it.


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