Feb 24, 2007

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The Russian Rubicon

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The New Cold War is under way with oil and global currencies being utilized as weapons. The world oil order is morphing from an open "pool" where anyone can buy to a locked source-to-destination system controlled by tight contracts.

Russia leads the charge to exclude the U.S. and the West from these contracts, limiting their sources of oil. This war also threatens the dollar, which has been the basis as a global oil currency but
will no longer be required for these contracts. These are
conditions over which countries go to war. W. Joseph Stroupe
(www.geostrategymap.com) editor of "Global Events" magazine and author of "The Russian Rubicon" joins us.

Then we execute a brief examination of the strange case of U.S.
border patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, who were prosecuted for shooting a Mexican drug dealer fleeing into Mexico from the U.S. As more facts come to light about the entire trial, it looks more and more like a "railroad job" than justice. We segue from there to a quick update on the Security and Prosperity Partnership with Dr. Jerome Corsi, Ph.D. (www.worldnetdaily.com).

John’s boralogue is a purvey of geopolitical issues on the move right now.

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Feb 17, 2007

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Big Government, Big Business and You

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Lots of blips moving around the world’s geopolitical radar screen, especially as the Middle East moves toward conflict or crisis later this year. All sides seem to be arming and preparing under the “CNN radar” as three U.S. battle groups move into the “harm’s way envelope” in the Persian Gulf.

In the world of Socialist Party (D) and Socialist Party (R), the myth that one party promotes big business and the other party combats it is, well, just a myth. Tim Carney, author of “The Big Ripoff – How Big Business and Big Government are Stealing your Money” (www.timothypcarney.com) joins us.

Then the outlook for pro-life issues in the new congress and the new supreme court. This long-running issue is heading towards to a great final legal showdown, which will permanently set the country’s position on this issue for time to come. Chris Slattery of  Expectant Mother Care (emcfrontline.org) is a guest in the second hour.

John produces an extended boralogue on the global geopolitical situation, especially examining the Security Conference, in Munich Germany last weekend, involving Russia and the latest attempt to start another intifada in Israel over alleged Temple Mount violations. As we said, many of the world’s intelligence sources are warning of a major conflict or crisis in the Middle East later this year.

Other than that, God is in his heaven, which is always a source of comfort in the midst of a chaotic life.

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Feb 10, 2007

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The Sin of Separation

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Well, half the country is suddenly freezing and pundits are suddenly silent about global warming causing the extreme weather, changing to the IPCC’s report instead. As Al Gore achieves increasing fame for "An Inconvenient Truth," perhaps it would be well to look at the pantheistic basis for his book, "Earth in the Balance." We re-run clips from a show with Berit Kjos (Under the Spell of Mother Earth") and Constance Cumbey ("Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow") from 1992. It’s a bit of an eye-opener.

This weekend kicks off a national campaign in New York to brand Israel as an apartheid state. It seems those doing so both want Israel to allow Palestine as a separate state but to allow Palestinians to have free access to its neighbor Israel. They want it both ways. Dexter van Zile from CAMERA (www.camera.org) joins us.

Finally, we have a bit of debate with terrorism consultant Emil Bailey, who takes John to task about some of things on the program from weeks past about Senate Bill One and Israel.

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Feb 3, 2007

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Mexican Social Security

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President Bush has been quietly promoting a secret plan to allow Mexican worker access to American social security after only 18 months of contributions. The scheme was uncovered through freedom of information releases and Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum
(www.eagleforum.org) has been protesting loudly about it, so she joins the show to elaborate on what this plan is.

Then we dove-tail to a return of long-time guest, attorney Constance Cumbey, author of "Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow,"
(www.cumbey.blogspot.com) to explain how agreements between governments are being used to forge global governance regions without the citizens of those regions actually knowing what’s happening. Constance was the first person to blow the whistle on the New Age movement in 1980 and accurately predicted what this globalist religious movement would look like when it unfolded.
Her predictions have been uncannily accurate.

San Diego Bay is empty as naval ships head to sea and battle groups move towards the Persian Gulf. John’s boralogue continues monitoring the latest intel and the Bush administration’s intent to "hit" Iran in the near future; possibly as early as March or
April. This buildup appears to be taking place under the "CNN

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